I don’t like it when cops overreact to mild disturbances in toney, well-off neighborhoods. It feels pushy and obnoxious. The vibe bothers me. Three or four Sundances ago I was standing outside of Zoom, the Park City eatery, and a little surprised to see no less than three police cars (Park City or State Troopers) parked outside with their radios barking and dome-lights flashing, and three or four officers dealing with what I gathered was some kind of disturbance by a couple of rowdies. No bloody noses, no broken windows…just a couple of assholes who had misbehaved or spoken out of turn. I went up to one of the troopers and said, “You think you guys might need some backup? I mean, this looks like a serious situation here…” The cop had no sense of humor. He gave me a look that said “you want some too, buster?” No sir, I don’t. But this looks chickenshit. Disproportionate. Three cars and four troopers responding to a couple of jerkoffs. It’s theatre and I’m just giving you my review. I didn’t say this, of course.