I usually run box-office figures on Saturday morning, but I was out of business with my cell phone yesterday due to my street-level Boston apartment being in a perfectly infuriating AT&T “dead zone.”

Weekend business was off more than usual this weekend due to last weekend being a Thanksgiving holiday “double Saturday” situation. Enchanted, off 61%, will have earned $16,822,000 as of this evening. Up to $70 million at this tonight, certain to top $100 million within 10 to 14 days. This Christmas will make $8119,000, off 59%. Beowulf was off 62% for $7,993,000 and $2400 a print. Now at a $68.7 million cume, it’s unlikely to hit $100 million — somewhere in the middle 80s, more likely.

Awake opened and closed with a $5,996,000 take…$3900 a print, nothing. Hitman earned $5923,000 for the weekend, off 69%. Dead Claus, $5,318,000. August Rush, $5,082,000… smallest % drop of them all.

No Country for Old Men added theatres, took in 4,468,000…$4000 a print. Joel and Ehtan Coen’s film is looking at a $40 milllion tally during its initial run & another $10 million or so once the awards and nominations start coming in. My numbers guy says “it’s basically an urban uptown picture that will do very little business in the boonies.”

Why is that, I asked? People in Redville aren’t smart enough to appreciate a first-rate arthouse thriller? “Hinterland audiences don’t want to know from arthouse,” he said. “Arthouse shmarthouse…they just want to be entertained.” If by clapping my hands I could permanently vacuum this attitude out of humans and send it into the hottest caverns of hell and keep it there, I would clap my hands.

Bee Movie, $4,410,000. American Gangster, $4,278,000. The Savages…$163,000 in 4 runs, almost $39 thousand a print Diving Bell and the Butterfly, $73,000 total….$24 thousand a print in 3 theatres.