Apologies for yesterday morning’s box-office typo — the projected Pirates 2 weekend total should have been $58,317,000 — not $50,317.00. This morning’s projected Pirates 2 figure for the weekend is $60,598,000, with a slightly higher overall cume of $255 million. Little Man will continue to edge out You, Me and Dupree with respective hauls of $21,910,000 and $21,338,000. Poor Superman Returns is now likely to finish at $10,881,000 (just over $750,000 higher than yesterday’s projected total of $10,058,000) with a slightly revised overall tally close to $163,000,000. The Devil Wears Prada‘s new projected weekend total is about $50 grand shy of $10 million — $9,947,000 — or about $420,000 higher than yesterday’s projected tally of $9,526,000.