Superman Returns director Bryan Singer was “thrilled” with the IMAX 3D version at a screening last Friday, says a 6.20 L.A. Times story by Geoff Boucher. He adds, however, that “others attending the screening were put off by a distracting blurring effect that crops up when the action crosses the screen at high speed.” Bullshit — I noticed a very slight blurring around the edges, but that’s par for the course with IMAX 3D. (I won’t see the final version until next Tuesday.) Boucher admits that “some sequences — such as that plummeting plane — have an undeniable gee-whiz factor.” After the screening, Singer “talked about adding some unique footage to the IMAX version — restoring some footage to the early part of the film (it showed Superman on the gutted husk of Krypton) that might be especially dramatic with the visual effect.” There’s only about 20 minutes worth of 3D footage in the IMAX version of Superman Returns, so how will viewers know when the 3D scenes are on? “Pretty much when Clark Kent takes his glasses off,” Singer said, “you put yours on.”