Superman Returns did $16,727,000 yesterday (Friday, 6.30) — another indication of good but not great business. If this film had serious across-the-board heat yesterday’s tally would have been higher than Wednesday’s (6.28) haul of $18.3 million, which is what Warner Bros. claimed. (The $3 million earned from Tuesday’s late-night shows made a total of $21.3 million.) On a long holiday weekend, it’s axiomatic that Friday-night business on a film that’s really working will overtake the mid-week opening-day total…and this didn’t happen. The three-day weekend projection (factoring in a strong Sunday) is $50.1 million, which will take it to an $82 million total, leaving Monday and Tuesday business to bring in the final $20 million or so (perhaps $25) for a seven-day total of just over $100 million. Next weekend’s business (i.e., up against Pirates 2) will be in the low to mid 20s.