Three days ago the Independent‘s Rachel Shields ran a story about an anti-domestic violence TV spot with Keira Knightley, called The Cut, being banned from TV by Clearcast, an ad-approval org, unless footage is trimmed. The ad began appearing in British cinemas about three weeks ago.

It’s a riveting spot in the way it makes you feel the horror of physical assault. It’s especially noteworthy for a moment just after Knightley has been slapped by her brute boyfriend in which she breaks character and complains to the off-screen director that the slap “isn’t in the script,” or words to that effect.

“Charities working to combat domestic violence branded Clearcast’s decision as ‘pathetic,”” wrote Shields, “arguing that, in banning the advert, it is shielding the public from the reality of domestic violence.” The Cut was made for Women’s Aid, a charity group.