George Clooney and Elisabetta Canalis have parted ways, most likely because two weeks ago Canalis said in Italy’s Chi magazine that “for the time being I am happy” but “I am a firm believer in marriage” and “in the future I will be married.”

When Canalis said “for the time being” what she really meant was “I’m getting fed up with this shit, if you really want to know” and “the time is fucking nigh.” And one way or another this came out in private discussions with George and that was all she wrote.

Sooner or later all stunningly beautiful, high-maintenance girlfriends going out with rich and famous boyfriends get dumped or take a hike if the marriage thing is pushed off the table. 98% or 99% are looking to seal the deal, sign the contract, lock things down and create some kind of fortified nest. They’re genetically wired to do this in the same way guys like Clooney are wired to be tomcats. Only 1% or 2% are Isadora Duncan types who are cool with just existentially floating along on a come-what-may, live-and-let-live basis.

The legend of Clooney is that his “I’ll never get married” rule has led to a life of total hound-dogging. But he’s only had three serious girlfriends since his ’93 divorce from Talia Balsam — off-and-on with Lisa Snowdon from ’00 to ’05, steady with Sarah Larson from ’07 to ’08 and then Canalis from ’09 until a week or two ago. He’s only 50 so I’m figuring he’s got another five to seven years of catting around…okay, maybe eight or ten. But by the time he’s 60 mortality will be knocking loudly on his door and he’ll eventually relent.