Taylor Swift did a duet with Mick Jagger last night during a Rolling Stones “50 & Counting” show at Chicago’s United Center. The song was “As Tears Go By.” The Stones always ask singers who are “hot right now” and doing something distinctive and different than what the Stones have always done to sing duets — it’s a badge of recognition and honor. Swift has strong pipes, of course, but her voice sounds a little tinny, a little Minnie Mousey. If there’s a God that notion about her playing Joni Mitchell in a Girls Like Us biopic has been forgotten and buried.

Notice how Keith Richard is sitting down during this number. THat’s an old-guy thing. I presume he otherwise stood his ground. I would never sit down if I were in his shoes. Man up, stand up, be 26 again (or at least until the show’s over).