Yesterday two episodes of Jordan Peele and CBS All Access’s The Twilight Zone began streaming — “Nightmare at 30,000 Feet” with Adam Scott and “The Comedian” with Kumail Najiani. (The latter episode is accessible on YouTube.)

Forgive me for preferring the mixed pleasures of San Francisco hill-climbing. I’m returning to Los Angeles this afternoon and catching Ralph FiennesThe White Crow tonight — I’ll catch them sometime tomorrow. New weekly Zone episodes will begin on April 11. Reactions?

One of the pleasures of the original Rod Serling series was the discipline of each episode delivering the whole kit-and-kaboodle in 30 minutes — actually more like 23 or 24 with commercials. Peele’s episodes are just under an hour. I’m more of a shorter-is-better, less-is-more type.

From Nick Harley’s Den of Geek review of the Nanjiani episode: “’The Comedian’ is the exact sort of morality tale that The Twilight Zone always excelled at, while offering fresh commentary about the comedy world and audiences assuming ownership over an artist’s work.

“Director Owen Harris, who also worked on the similar anthology series Black Mirror, is able to make the dark shadows of the comedy club or an empty apartment feel creepy and the shots from the stage of a bored audience all staring at their phones really puts you in the shoes of a bombing comic.”