Eric Kohn: “How much is this Tarantino movie going to scratch that itch vs. everyone else?” Anne Thompson: “Tarantino gets to play around with [late ’60s] period…with Roman Polanski, Sharon Tate and the Manson murders…with Leonardo DiCaprio as a struggling TV actor and Brad Pitt in a supporting role [as a stuntman].” And blah blah.

Director-actor friend: “Don’t you think Once Upon A Time in Hollywood looks like an Oliver Stone wig movie? Like The Doors?” HE reply: “Why would wig-makers and hairdressers allow people to use the term ’60s wig movie’ in the first place?” Director-actor friend: “This is some absurdist existential mysterious shit, man.”

4.19 HE re-posting of “Cliff Is The Guy”: “Somewhat curiously, Tarantino describes Booth as an ‘indestructible World War II hero’ and one of the ‘deadliest guys alive‘ who ‘could kill you with a spoon, a piece of paper, or a business card. Consequently, he is a rather Zen dude who is troubled by very little.’

“Okay, but how and why would an indestructible killing machine figure into a film that’s allegedly focused on hippy-dippy, head-in-the-clouds, peace-and-love-beads Hollywood? Why bring up killing at all when the 1969 Hollywood milieu was all about getting high and flashing the peace sign and reading passages from the Bhagavad Gita? Exactly — at a crucial moment Cliff will somehow go up against some folks who need to be corrected or otherwise interfered with — i.e., the Manson family.”