Around 6:30 pm I drove over to the Rennaissance hotel to pick up my Palm Springs Int’l Film Festival press pass. I didn’t want to park in their main lot because they slap you with a $12 parking fee if you stay more than 30 minutes so I parked at some little office building next door and then climbed through some bushes to get to the Rennaissance. I got the pass, came back out and went back into the bushes again. Except I came out at a different area and had to stumble over a dirt patch and around a wall to get to the parking area. But I didn’t see that a curb with a steep drop was just beyond the wall, and so I went tumbling and crashing down upon the hard rocky pavement. No broken camera or torn jacket, but I bruised my right elbow, bloodied my right hand (vino dripping on the iPhone 5), slightly bruised my right hip and banged my left knee. I should have used the flashlight app on the phone. My fault, not the curb’s.