What are the ten most damaging takedown strategies that The King’s Speech distributor Harvey Weinstein could launch against The Social Network, his film’s current chief competitor for the Best Picture Ocar? The relentlessly-on-the-case Vulture has come up with a half-serious, mildly amusing checklist.

The two funniest suggestions: (a) Do a Norbit on Timberlake — Just before the nomination deadline, remind the industry that Social Network Best Supporting Actor contender Justin Timberlake has a voice role in Yogi Bear, which will presumably give King’s Speech Best Supporting Actor contender Geoffrey Rush an advantage. And (b) Do a Mo’Nique on Jessie Eisenberg — “In recent interviews,” the rationale goes, “The Social Network‘s Eisenberg — competition for King’s Speech‘s Colin Firth for Best Actor — has hinted that he’s slightly uncomfortable with all the attention the role is getting him. Does he even want an Oscar? Is he the next Mo’Nique? Questions that must be asked! Preferably by complicit Oscar bloggers!”