For some curious reason I’m more interested in seeing Fifty Shades of Gone Girl (Universal, 10.7) than a lot of other fall films. I know what it is — a sexually titillating adaptation of an airport best-seller aimed at women — and I want to dive in all the same. Even though Emily Blunt‘s character, Rachel Watson, starts out as a rummy. Mainly because I like well-constructed policiers. And yet Blunt’s submission to Rachel’s boozy despair has apparently led to a tendency I’ve come to dread with certain actresses — going for the feeling without a lot of diction, which results in a kind of actressy vocal fry. I understood maybe 60% or 70% of Blunt’s line readings in Sicario (she was playing a dull character so it didn’t matter all that much), but this looks like another performance that I won’t fully get until I can watch it with a subtitle option. (And don’t tell me it’s my hearing — I watched this trailer three times with my Bowers & Wilkins earphones on two computers.)

Yes, I agree — this new trailer is too much like the previous one. Yes, it has some new footage during the second half but it’s too similar.