A new trailer for Pawel Pawlikowski‘s Cold War appeared a few hours ago. It was also announced earlier today by The Playlist‘s Charles Barfield that Amazon will release the Polish-produced film on Friday, 8.31 rather than the previously announced date of Friday, 12.21. That’s incorrect. The IMDB actually says that Cold War will be released in England on 8.31, and not in the U.S. The IMDB is still saying that Cold War is being released stateside on 12.21.18.

Even before the mistake was revealed it seemed a little head-scratchy that Amazon would decide to release a leading contender for the Best Foreign Language Feature Oscar just as the 2018 Telluride Film Festival (where I’d expected Cold War to a leading attraction) is getting underway.

Cold War is the latest Pawel Pawlikowski masterpiece, destined to win the Best Foreign Language Feature Oscar and HE’s favorite Cannes film by a country mile. Jewel-perfect, exquisitely photographed, tight as a drum.

5.19 HE blurb: “Cold War is so perfectly composed, a masterwork on every level. Pawlikowski’s story-telling instincts couldn’t be more eloquent or understated. Every plot point is always conveyed in the most discreet and understated terms, but you’ll never miss a trick. And the economy! A story that spans 15 year sis handled within 84 minutes, and you never sense that you’re being rushed along.”

On 6.2.18 I posted my latest best-of-2018 piece — i.e., “Ten Serious Winners.” I was restricting myself to films that have commercially opened. If I were to include the Cannes entries, my list would read as follows: Cold War, First Reformed, Hereditary, A Quiet Place, The King, You Were Never Really Here, Filmworker, Happy as Lazzaro.

A 5.23.19 IMDB comment from “Lucywalkercats“: “There is perhaps no greater example in recent memory of a film that so successfully makes the political personal and vice versa. It is moving without ever once feeling contrived. This deserves the next Foreign Film Oscar by a longshot.”