I spoke earlier today to screenwriter, producer and novelist Terry Hayes, who was in Toronto plugging his new novel, I Am Pilgrim, a half Le Carre and half-Ludlum spy thriller about fierce conflict between a tortured western intelligence agent and a jihad-committed Islamic nutter. The cheerful Hayes, a steadfast HE reader who enjoys the general air of eccentricity (including, he says, the postings of LexG), is best known as the screenwriter of George Miller‘s The Road Warrior and Mad Max: Beyond Thunderdome, Phillip Noyce‘s Dead Calm, Brian Helgeland‘s Payback and Albert and Allen HughesFrom Hell. He didn’t work on George Miller‘s forthcoming Mad Max: Fury Road (5.15), the reboot with Tom Hardy and Charlize Theron but he swears it’s a game-changer or words to that effect. We talked for about a half-hour and pledged to meet some day in Los Angeles, perhaps with Mr. Noyce making it three. Again, the mp3.

I Am Pilgrim author Terry Hayes.