I travel with four bags — two carry-ons and two smallish suitcases on wheels. And the latter two are gone for the time being, thanks to the folks at British Airways. Their baggage handlers failed to put them on Friday night’s red-eye flight to Heathrow (BA #986), which I managed to get on after BA #186, due to leave at 10:55 pm, was cancelled. Right now the bags are either (b) somewhere in the bowels of Newark Airport due to not being stowed on BA #986 or (b) they’re being sent to London today on one of two British Airways flights — BA #1284 leaving at 6:25 pm, or about 55 minutes from now, or BA #986 which leaves at 9:25 pm.

Sunday morning update (5:51 am): Presumably my bags will be delivered to Berlin’s Tegel Airport sometime today, but if they don’t I’m screwed three different ways: (1) The second largest of the two contains all my power adapters, and it looks like it’ll be a problem buying an adapter because electronic stores aren’t open in Berlin on Sundays as a rule; (2) if I can’t find an adapter (I’m thinking of going to some swanky Berlin hotels and begging them to sell me one, pretty please) I’m not going to be able to file very much because my batteries in my two computers will be dead before long, and besides I have to drive this afternoon to the set of a certain film that I’ve been asked not to mention; and (3) if the bags are permanently lost I’ll be out three or four grand in jackets, shoes, suit pants, scarves, tutti-frutti socks, high thread count T-shirts, electronic parts, suit jackets, nice shoes and so on, and that’s a conservative estimate.

It’s just before midnight in Berlin. I’m tired, I quit, I’m going to bed.