A couple of readers on Deadline Hollywood Daily suggested a nice fantasy gesture — i.e., that showbiz bloggers urge readers to boycott all movies and TV shows en masse for a single agreed-upon day over the Thanksgiving weekend to show support for striking writers. Hitting the producers and studio chiefs where it hurts is pure Frank Capra, but I love it. Like those good citizens of Bedford Falls pouring into George Bailey‘s home on Christmas eve to help him raise that $8 thousand, only withholding instead of giving.

The problem, of course, is that most Americans are lifestyle junkies and drunkards — addicts who don’t want to know from reality, much less the politics and pay rates of the entertainment industry. They’re vegged out, they want what they want because there’s room on their debit or credit cards, and they really don’t care. If you’ve ever worked for a political campaign or tired to organize a rally or a march, you know that people with addiction problems can never be counted on.

That said, pushing for a Thanksgiving boycott is a great idea. If anyone wants to decide which day, I’ll spread it around as much as I can.