Paul Schrader‘s Adam Resurrected has been selected to be shown at the Telluride Film Festival, which sorta kicks off tomorrow night but more precisely on Friday morning. I don’t believe that Tom Luddy or Gary Meyer would invite this film to their festival if it (a) didn’t have merit and value, and (b) if it was any kind of relative of Jerry Lewis‘s The Day The Clown Cried (’71), which has been the rap against it in the columns. Better to reserve comment until people see it this weekend.
It’s been explained that Schrader’s film, based on Yoram Kaniuk‘s novel, is about Adam Stein, an inmate and former circus clown living in an asylum in Israel and looking back on his having agreed to entertain Jews during WWII as they were led to their deaths in the camps.
I’m told Jeff Goldlblum is quite good as Stein; William Dafoe plays Commandant Klein.