Earlier today Deadline‘s Anthony D’Alessandro reported that Adrian Lyne‘s Deep Water, a Ben Affleck-Ana de Armas erotic thriller that’s been sitting on the shelf for ages, is going straight to streaming on Hulu.

Based on a 1957 Patricia Highsmith novel, Deep Water was pulled last week from a Disney theatrical release (previously slated for 1.14.22), probably because it isn’t good enough and/or is regarded by Disney execs as a guaranteed money loser.

D’Allessandro didn’t report a streaming date.

Disney has had a rough experience with almost every inherited 20th Century Fox release. The Last Duel disappointed ($100 million cost, $30,2 million domestic), and then West Side Story flopped, and now this.

Poor Adrian Lyne — this would have been his first film to hit theatres since ’02’s Unfaithful.