MSNBC exit polls say Terry McAuliffe‘s negatives are much higher than Glenn Youngkin‘s, and that probably means (unless MSNBC’s exit poll methodology is completely detached from logic and reality) that McAuliffe is going to lose the Virginia gubernatorial election. The legend is that McAuliffe basically committed suicide over the teaching of critical race theory in Virginia schools, and particularly by implying that parents who shared concerns along these lines were racist.

The implication is that other Democratic candidates who endorse CRT and the early instruction of non-binary gender studies in schools may be similarly threatened.

No question about it — woke terrorists have taken a serious hit. Speaking as a left-leaning moderate centrist, I’m feeling mixed emotions. I think McAuliffe asked for it and has no one to blame but himself. On the other hand I feel badly about any Republican winning anything in this godawful lunatic climate.