In an 8.5 N.Y. Times op-ed piece titled “I Ran the C.I.A. — Now I’m Endorsing Hillary Clinton,” Michael J. Morell states unequivocally that Donald Trump is too whimsical and nutty to be President and that Hillary Clinton is far and away the more responsible choice.

Halfway through the article Morell notes that he “never saw [Clinton] bring politics into the Situation Room. In fact, I saw the opposite. When some wanted to delay the Bin Laden raid by one day because the White House Correspondents Dinner might be disrupted, she said, ‘Screw the White House Correspondents Dinner.'”

This morning ABC political correspondent Kristen Soltis Anderson tweeted that Morell’s anecdote originated in “This Town,” a 2013 inside-Washington book by N.Y. Times Magazine correspondent Mark Leibovitch, and that Clinton actually said “fuck the Washington Correspondents Dinner.”

Morell is a former deputy director of the Central Intelligence Agency who twice served as acting director in 2011 and also from 2012 to 2013. Apart from her on-air ABC commentaries, Anderson, 32, is a Republican pollster and writer.