I now own about 64 or 65 Blurays, a good 75% or 80% of them purchased over the last seven months at full-price retail. What is that, a shell-out of $1500 or thereabouts?

The greeting message of the low-rent spyware that took over my 17″ Gateway last Sunday. Notice the use of the phrase “break your life.” It’s one of those b.s. programs that says you’ve been invaded by 38 spywares/malwares and the only way to get rid of them is to purchase their b.s. spyware-fighting software for $59 and change. Except (a) you can’t bypass/blow it off and (b) the program doesn’t even respond to attempts to purchase. The infestation is so bad that I can’t even open the computer in safe mode. I need to at least recover the data so I have to take the damn thing into a computer repair shop on Sullivan Street this afternoon and pay them $90.

Tuesday, 8.4, 8:40 pm