I know I’m always the guy who says “hey, this actor is packing it on.” Like I did when Henry Cavill had an Ernest Borgnine thing going on at 2014 ComicCon or when Johnny Depp turned up in Toronto looking like Edward Binns in 12 Angry Men. Obviously this shit can get old, and so my instinct was to ignore the Brando-ish ballooning that has recently befallen poor Ben Affleck. I noticed it right away when he courteously said “hi” to Sasha Stone and myself when we dropped by the Savannah set of Live By Night. “Let it go and don’t be tedious,” I told myself. I mentioned it to Sasha and she said, “It’s probably because of that 1930s suit he was wearing…it makes him look a little heavier.” But then three days ago the Daily Mail ran some photos of Affleck in a T-shirt and sweats, and I’m sorry but it has to be faced. Forget the guy he physically was in Chasing Amy or in that Jack Ryan film with Morgan Freeman. Affleck right now is not even the guy he was in Gone Girl and or, to go by set photos, when he was filming Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice. I never thought I’d say this, but with Kevin Smith having dropped 85 pounds Affleck is…forget it. I’m done with this. Affleck, who is directing Live By Night, will simply have to shoot with a lot of shadows and wear clothes are a couple sizes too large.