The coolest thing about John Anderson and Laura Kim‘s new how-to-sell-your-independent-movie book, I Wake Up Screening (Billboard, 3.30), is, of course, the title…although it sounds more like a description of what it’s like to attend Sundance or Cannes or Toronto as a buyer or a journalist than anything else. It’s a how-to manual for emerging filmmakers “about how to (and how not to) get their films talked about, written about”…uhhm, the best way to do this is to get people like me to see it early. Anderson and Kim also “explain how to get their films evaluated, how to put together the perfect team, how to deal with the media” — flattery, early access, invitations to parties — “how to navigate the festival circuit, and how to win friends and influence people,” the press release says. Anderson is an L.A.-based critic who writes for Newsday, Variety and the New York Times, and Kim is a marketing vp at Warner Independent Pictures.