Nobody cares about Real Steel. (Okay, obviously some people do but I don’t, I mean, and I can’t see how anyone of any taste or refinement or…you know, who sees the world as I do could give that much of a damn.) Nobody cares about Footloose either. Nobody cares about The Thing. Nobody cares about The Three Musketeers. Nobody cares about The Big Year…an eighth-place, $3 million wipeout. Nobody, nothing, flatline…barely a pulse.

The only box-office statistics that matter are (a) the spirited, above-average business done by Pedro Almodovar‘s just-opened The Skin That I Live In, and (b) the fact that George Clooney‘s The Ides of March dropped only 28% from last weekend. The political drama will have $7.5 million by tonight and a $22.2 million cume.