I’ve been looking at some of my old Mr. Showbiz columns for the last half-hour or so and was struck by this particular “What’s My Line? query. They were fun, these things. But a pain in the ass to select and transcribe.
Guy No. 1: Are you a beer drinker, sir, or would you like to share a martini with me?
Guy No. 2: A martini? Oh, that would be… I’d love a martini.
Guy No. 1: I think you’ll find these accommodating. They’re quite dry.
Guy No. 2: Don’t you use olives?
Guy No. 3: Olives? Where the hell d’ya think you are, man?
Guy No. 1: We do have to make certain concessions to [the situation we find themselves in].
Guy No. 2: Yes, but a man can’t really savor his martini without an olive, you know? Otherwise, you see, it just doesn’t…quite…make it. (Plop.)