Why does it seem as if the furies are constantly swarming down upon poor Haiti? Every time you turn around the country is taking it in the neck. Earthquakes, assassinations, hurricanes, Covid 19, criminal gangs, poverty. No sooner does the populace survive and start to weakly recover from one devastating tragedy when another one comes along. The only thing that hasn’t happened to Haiti is an attack by Kaiju monsters.

1297 Haitians are confirmed dead after a 7.2 earthquake rocked the Les Cayes district of Haiti (southwest peninsula) on Saturday morning…”officials in Les Cayes believe there are only about 30 doctors for about 1 million people“…c’mon, man.

N.Y. Times: “[This is a] devastating blow to a country that is still reeling from a presidential assassination last month and that never recovered from a disastrous quake more than 11 years ago. The recovery was being conducted as a tropical storm approaches and in the throes of a political crisis since President Jovenel Moïse was assassinated on July 7.

“The unsolved assassination, a leadership vacuum, severe poverty and systemic gang violence in parts of Haiti, a Caribbean nation of 11 million people, have left the government dysfunctional and ill prepared for a natural calamity.

“The main supermarket and smaller food and supply markets in Les Cayes collapsed, leaving about half a million people with dwindling supplies and worries that eventually there would be looting and fighting over basics like drinking water. The quake snapped the underground pipes of Les Cayes, causing flooding, and triggering some landslides, blocking the main road into Jeremie and complicating relief efforts there.

“Many hospitals and clinics were heavily damaged, and officials in Les Cayes believe there are only about 30 doctors for about 1 million people.

Herve Foucand, a former senator, was using his small propeller plane to ferry people to Haiti’s capital. ‘I have 30 people in serious condition waiting for me,’ he said. ‘But I only have seven seats.'”

“Small towns surrounding Les Cayes were cut off by landslides and are believed to be even harder hit.”