It hit me several weeks ago that Seth Rogen would be a good guy to have on my side in a street fight. He’s fairly tall and broad-shouldered and on the beefy side, and…well, I’m just flying on a whim but something tells me he wouldn’t fool around. He’d probably kick and gouge and get guys into a hammerlock and bite off a piece of their ear. So it’s good news that Rogen has been hired to host the 2012 Film Independent Spirit Awards.

No, I don’t see a connection either. None whatsoever. I’m kicking this around as we speak. Wait…I’ve got it. A good comedian is fearless — confident and unafraid to tackle any topic or share any observation — and that fearlessness comes from the same gasoline that fuels and propels a good kick-boxer or wrestler or eye-poker.

The 27th annual awards ceremony will be held as usual in a monster-sized super-tent on the beach…well, on a beach-adjacent parking lot in Santa Monica on Saturday, 2.25 — 25 or 26 hours before the Oscars. Let’s hope that the chill blustery winds that all but ruined last February’s Spirit Awards won’t re-occur.

The title comes from a line spoken by James Caan in Michael Mann‘s Thief: “I am the last guy in the world that you wanna fuck with.”