The lawyers representing Kirby Dick and This Film Is Not Yet Rated have been making a curious call since the film first press-screened two days ago (i.e., Tuesday). As noted in Wednesday’s article about the film, it reveals the names and backgrounds of the MPAA’s previously anonymous film raters and appeals board members. But the lawyers and the good publicists at Falco Ink, obviously conerned about a possible MPAA blowback, are declining to provide these names for print purposes. The press notes, which they wrote three or four weeks ago, don’t provide the names, and an informal attempt to get this information sent to me hasn’t panned out. It’s not that big a deal and not the end of the world, but it seems fair to ask that the names be provided by the film’s reps to anyone interested in exploring the issues raised in the film from another angle. The cat’s out of the bag, right? I tried scribbling down the names at the Eccles theatre Wednesday night as they flashed on the screen, but it was too dark and I could barely see the note pad.