For me, this satirical HuffPost video nicely sums up the Obama alienation factor among the liberal base — i.e., progressive agenda-wise, Obama makes JFK looks like LBJ.

The assertions are questionable here and there (the administration’s early ’09 financial stimulus was too modest but did that really translate into the Obama team doing “not much”?) but the underlying feeling is that there’s very little he won’t modify or dilute or cave on if the Republican wacko right acts belligerently enough.

“Which Obama will be re-elected — Campaign Obama, who has a phenomenal ability to inspire and to challenge a broken status quo, or Governing Obama, who will seemingly do anything not to ruffle too many feathers?

The video, an interview with Obama strategist David Lancer, “takes on the idea, often put forth by various members of the Obama camp, that every compromise, capitulation, and seeming surrender the president makes is, in fact, just a brilliant strategy that we don’t yet understand,” Arianna Huffington writes in an accompanying essay.