I’ve been so dismissive of The Martian all along (not as a smart, satisfying commercial film but as an Oscar nominee) that somehow its omission among this morning’s SAG nominations didn’t register. Physiologically I read and heard that it was not nominated for a SAG ensemble award and that Matt Damon had been blanked as a Best Actor nominee, but psychologically and emotionally I had rejected it as an Oscar contender last September so, you know, it didn’t make much of a dent. But it sure as shit made an impression upon Awards Daily‘s Sasha Stone, an unabashed Martian supporter for the last 11 or 12 weeks. She wrote this morning that Ridley Scott‘s “completely shut out” film has unequivocally been “taken out of the race.” (Unless, she qualifies, “it can Braveheart its way to an Oscar win” — forget it.) Her basic post-SAG conclusion is that “probably no other film can win Best Picture except Spotlight…it’s the only one that can build any sort of momentum with the larger industry.”