Some editor…actually probably at least a couple of editors at the L.A. Times thought the older beardo on the left with the Dodgers baseball cap was Steven Spielberg. My initial thought was that he looks like Art Linson. I’m presuming that when Matt Donnelly, author of the “Ministry of Gossip” story about Spielberg-Bay-LaBeouf-Fox, first saw the layout he said to himself, “Oh, Jesus God no…no!”

6.21, 8:30 am Update: The error was corrected last night around 11:15 pm. The Times‘ editor that “this post originally contained a picture mislabeled by the photo service as a shot of Steven Spielberg. It now contains a picture that’s definitely Spielberg.” Oh, I see….and if the photo service had sent the L.A. Times a photo of a giraffe and said it was Joel Cohen, the Times would just run it?