The new trailer for Fernando Meirellles’ The Constant Gardener (Focus Features, 8.26) is up and rolling. Download it and make of it what you will, but also consider the view of a reader who recently saw the entire film: “Gardener is a tad more conventional and mainstream than Meirelles’ City of God, which I was a huge fan of, but it combines thriller elements, a love story and searing reportage of everyday catastrophes besetting Africa…it’s by far the strongest Le Carre adaptation in feature form ever. There are just so many good things about it that it’s hard to know where to start. And while this film is nobody’s notion of an easy sell (the big problem is the unfortunate title), The Constant Gardener‘s uncompromising and indisputable emotional power should give it a shot at a lot of recognition and buzz. You want to see this one ASAP.”