When Cinderella Man opens theatrically in England and Europe in early September, will local distribs be using a different title? I ask because a lot of people stateside felt that the vaguely pansy-ish Cinderella Man title may have been one of the reasons the ’30s boxing saga didn’t perform up to expectations, and because the title being used in Germany (where the Ron Howard film is opening September 8) is Das Comeback. It’s routine for films to be retitled for European audiences in the local vernacular, of course. Finding Neverland was retitled for Germany as Wenn Traume fliegen lernen (i.e., When Dreams Learn to Fly) and Wes Anderson’s The Life Aquatic with Steve Zissou was renamed in Germany as Die Tiefseetaucher (The Deep Divers). In France Cinderella Man will be getting a typically native translation — it’s going to be called De l’ombre a la lumiere, which translates as From the Shadows to the Light. A director friend from Argentina tells me it’s going to be called El Luchador (“The Fighter”) when it opens there in September.