Hud: “How much you take the boys for tonight?” Alma: “Twenty dollars and some change.” Hud: “You’re a dangerous woman.” Alma: “I’m a good poker player.” Hud: “You’re a good housekeeper. You’re a good cook. You’re a good laundress. (beat) What else are you good at?” Alma: “At taking care of myself.” Hud: “You shouldn’t have to, a woman looks like you.” Alma: “That’s what my ex-husband used to tell me. Before he took my wallet, my gasoline credit card, and left me stranded in a motel in Alberquerque.” Hud:  “What did you do to make him take to the hills? Wear your curlers to bed or something? Alma: “Ed’s a gambler. He’s probably up at Vegas or Reno, dealing at night, losing it all back in the daytime.” Hud: “Man like that sounds no better than a heel.” Alma: “Only thing he was ever good for was scratching my back.” Hud: “Still got that itch?”