The fact that Robert Luketic directed The Ugly Truth, 21, Monster-in-Law and Win a Date with Tad Hamilton! should warn you away from Paranoia (Relativity, 8.16). The trailer suggests it’s a formulaic, second-tier programmer. Mediocrity tip-off #1 is Gary Oldman playing Gordon Gekko by way of Al Pacino‘s Devil’s Advocate character. Tip-off #2 is Liam Hemsworth‘s character talking about wanting to take care of his father who worked hard all his life “with nothing to show for it.” Tip-off #3 is Harrison Ford looking like he’s had chemotherapy. (He has one of those heads that needs hair — I know this because I have one of those heads.) A friend believes that Liam is hotter than his older brother Chris. Maybe so, but Liam having costarred in two Hunger Games films plus The Expendables 2 plus Paranoia tells me he’s probably not a long-distance runner.