I didn’t see Alice Winocour‘s Disorder (a.k.a. Maryland) at last year’s Cannes Film Festival, but it sounds a bit like Mick Jackson‘s The Bodyguard. One thing that Kevin Costner dealt with when that 1992 film came out was that he shouldn’t have worn a Steve McQueen crewcut. Same thing there — Matthias Schoenaerts looks like hell with tennis-ball hair.

From Todd McCarthy‘s Hollywood Reporter review: “[This is] a straight-ahead, home invasion thriller. The moderately tense situations and charismatic turn by Matthias Schoenaerts as the troubled but capable French Special Forces vet should generate decent returns in numerous territories. Schoenaerts is pretty much center-screen throughout this sleekly made suspense piece, which is based on a script more loaded with holes than the numerous bad guys he either shoots or stabs to death.”