The usual Time Square subway bootlegs , offered for sale by an obviously not affluent Hispanic woman with a very young child sitting next to her — Monday, 10:25 pm, R line southbound platform. Other photos from yesterday: (a) Broadway screening room, 5th floor of the Brill building, waiting for Robert Altman’s “A Prairie Home Companion” to begin — Monday, 5.8.06, 7:55 pm; (b) cool storefront on West 48th or thereabouts, between 8th and 9th — Monday, 5.8.06, 6:10 pm; (c) 9th and 46th — Monday, 5.8.06, 6:05 pm; (d) Montrose cafe — just a few doors down from HE’s Brooklyn headquarters — Tuesday, 5.9.06, 10:05 am; (e) Owners and proprietors of a small market and short-order establishment — Tuesday, 5.9.06, 10:12 am; and (f) workstation atop kitchen table inside HE’s Brooklyn headquarters — Monday, 5.9.06, 11:50 pm