I see the Four Christmases posters, I know it’s coming soon, and the trailer tells me it has some fairly decent Vince Vaughn energy. But nobody I know has said zip about it, there isn’t a hint of any kind of cultural vibration going on and the trailer tells you it’s aimed at the easy-lay crowd. So in a way it doesn’t exist. I may or may not read the reviews when it opens three days from now, as if reviews could have anything to do with anything.

I can’t see Four Christmases until it opens because of my ridiculous Warner Bros. problem, which has now been in effect for fourteen months. But I’d probably be thinking twice about seeing it even if I’d been invited. Honestly. Reese Witherspoon in a drama? Fine. In a comedy? Not so much.

And why is Vaughn, a very hip and live-wire actor with aggressive pizazz all his own, starring in another shallow, super-glossy Warner Bros. holiday comedy (following last year’s Fred Claus)? Is he actively trying to dilute the respectable after-vibe of The Wedding Crashers and The Breakup? Nothing kills fan loyalty faster than appearing in a straight-paycheck studio package or two.