Four days ago The Gothamist‘s John Del Signore posted an interview with A Serious Man costar Fred Melamed — i,.e., the bulky balding bearded guy who plays Sy Abelman. I adore Melamed’s performance in this film, but then I love every aspect of this under-loved Coen brothers’ masterpiece.

“It’s funny, people always talk about the ending,” Malamed says. “They say they’re unsatisfied by the ending, they didn’t like it — friends of mine, people I respect. To me, the ending of the movie sends you back into the movie. The endings of some movies ease you out of the movie and back to your normal life. You say, ‘That was an interesting movie, now I’m going to have my dinner or whatever.’ But somehow this movie stays in some part of your brain, at least it did for me, and you really wind up thinking about it a lot.”