Call this a nice paycheck gig for a lot of people who didn’t let pride stand in the way. Christina Applegate and Fred Armisen have actual acting roles, and I gather that Michael Clarke Duncan, Neil Patrick Harris, James Marsden, Bette Midler, Roger Moore, Nick Nolte and Chris O’Donnell voice animals. Is that right?

How deaf are the people who made this film and particularly those who are planning on seeing it? Deaf to God’s symphony, I mean. One time at a party some drunken friends and I gave a golden labrador two or three bowls of beer and got him stinko. He was losing his balance and rolling around on the floor. The same instinct (i.e., to laugh at animals coping with human bullshit) resulted in this film.

Does anyone remember Robert Downey, Sr.‘s Pound (’70)? Just asking.