Julien Assange, 47, obviously knew for some time that his ouster from the Ecuadoran embassy was imminent. But when the moment arrived this morning he looked breathless and anxious, and like an unwashed, tattered, 69 year-old Gandalf.

I would have manned up and submitted to the inevitable. I would have showered, shaved, gotten a haircut and a manicure, put on a freshly-pressed suit and a pair of elegant Italian shoes and walked out with British officials in handcuffs. Standing tall with a touch of dignity. Instead Assange looked and behaved like an asshole…”aaghhh, they’re carrying me out…aagghhh, these brutes!”

From Eileen Sullivan and Richard Pérez-Pena’s N.Y. Times report, posted this morning: “Assange, 47, has been living at the Ecuadorean Embassy in London since 2012. British authorities arrested him on Thursday, heavily bearded and disheveled. A dramatic video showed him shackled and being carried out of the embassy and forced into a police van. He was detained partly in connection with an American extradition warrant after he was evicted by the Ecuadoreans.”

Had it not been for Assange’s torpedoing of Hillary Clinton and the Democrats with those Wikileak-ed emails, she might well have won…no? This year she’d be facing primary challengers and looking like Jimmy Carter in ’79. But at least we wouldn’t have Trump.