These aren’t deleted scenes — they’re deleted snippets, pickups, inserts and throwaways. And all of them worthless. This is another reason why George Lucas is the most loathed and despised franchise mogul of all time. I’ll never retrieve the 57 seconds I devoted to watching this cheap reel, and as far as I’m concerned Lucasfilm has stolen them from me.

These clips will be included in the big Star Wars Bluray package coming out in September. If you weren’t such a shameless huckster, Lucas, you’d let guys like me buy episodes #4 and #5 (A New Hope, The Empire Strikes Back) as stand-alones without having to purchase the box set. Only drooling fanboys want to watch The Phantom Menace or Return of the Jedi again. You can forget Episodes #2 and #3 also.

On the day the box set comes out dedicated Lucas-haters need to stage a big media-friendly bonfire event in which copies (with A New Hope and The Empire Strikes Back removed) are ceremonially burned. Throw copies of Willow into the fire while you’re at it.