A new trailer for Noah Baumbach and Jake Paltrow‘s DePalma (A24, 6.10.16) popped the other day. A24 is beginning to show it in screening rooms — a Manhattan viewing on Friday, 4.29, and an L.A. showing on Tuesday, 5.3, for openers. Neither of these fits with my travel schedule as I leave for New York on Friday night. I’ve been asking the A24 guys if I could have a looksee before I leave for France on Thursday evening, 5.5. (I like to acclimate in Paris for three days before training down to Cannes.) A lot of people are leaving for Cannes soon so I suspect I’m not alone. It would all be so simple if there was a willingness to allow for online viewings, but alas, not yet. There’s always early June when I return but…well, I’m jumpy, I guess.