Last night I attended a q & a between Silver Linings Playbook director-writer David O. Russell and Jeff Goldsmith. Russell was fresh and fluid as ever, a nonstop power-pulser. He doesn’t “talk” as much as he channels thought streams and turns on the spigot and out they come. I recorded the whole thing but Goldsmith said “no, no, wait…not yet…Wednesday!” I said “okay, man, whatever, but now is NOW. This stuff doesn’t age well. You have to put it out there. Time’s a wastin’.”

David O. Russell, Jeff Goldsmith at L.A. Film School — Sunday, 12.16, 9:55 pm.

After chatting for an hour-plus, Russell suggested that they take questions from the audience. He sensed that the time had come, he told Goldsmith — “These people are restless, man.”