Earlier this evening the Expats.cz guys took me to a “Meme Fest” (i.e., 90-plus minutes of YouTube classics) at Prague’s Bio/Oko, a combination theatre/bar that caters to a hip crowd and is more or less Prague’s Film Forum or Nuart. Would you sit with 70 or 80 too-easily-amused people to watch a lot of YouTube stuff (maybe 40% of which I’d seen) on a big screen? I did. For an hour. Until my patience ran out. But I loved visiting the Bio/Oko, and I loved the Jack Rabbit Slim’s car in the orchestra.

The Expats.cz team (l. to r.): Radka Peterova, Content Manager; Olga Langova, Account Manager; Monika Petrasková, Admin; Jan Purkrábek, Content Administrator; Martin D. Howlings, Managing Director; Jason Pirodsky, Editor.

Believe it or not, but three or four seconds after I parked my feet on the back bumper of the yellow car, which was sitting in the Bio/Oko’s orchestra pit during tonight’s screening of “Meme Fest”, the guy turned around and gave me a look. He’d felt a very slight sensation of someone applying a very slight amount of weight on the back bumper, you see, and apparently decided that this was a violation of his space or property or something, and so he turned around and indicated to me that I should remove my feet. Sure thing, pally.