In the trailer for Sinister, Vincent D’Onofrio explains to Ethan Hawke that a supernatural predator who feeds on the souls of children is called “Bucchool.” That’s what I’m hearing, at least — Horst Buccholz + ghoul. Which sounds an awful lot like “Bud Ghoul.” To further complicate matters, First Showing‘s Alex Billington is calling this spook “Mr. Boogie.” What’s that, an old blues musician playing in a New Orleans saloon? A loan shark character left out of Scorsese’s final cut of Goodfellas?

Scott Derrickson‘s Sinister played at SXSW screening last March. Hawke plays himself playing a true-crime novelist in a movie. He and the family move into a new house that has a horrific history, blah blah. It was co-written by AICN’s “Massawyrm”, a.k.a. C. Robert Cargill.

“The scaled down nature of the production is impressively old school,” wrote Indiewire‘s Eric Kohn. “Producer Val Lewton, who invented this game in the ’40s with low -budget studio efforts like Cat People, would have loved it. The ghostly visuals creeping into the plot retain an especially chilling value for the lack of information accompanying them, and the supernatural figures are among the scariest to appear in an American horror movie since The Grudge.”