…for director Sean Baker, especially with too-hip-for-the-room critics like Bob Strauss, Tomris Laffly and Tim Grierson singing praise for the morally revolting Red Rocket…everything was coming up roses for the guy when all of a sudden and out of the fucking blue, Baker “liked” a Tulsi Gabbard tweet about how the Rittenhouse Jury “got it right” by finding the 18-year-old shooter not guilty on all counts.

In the blink of an eye Baker had put himself into social jeopardy, or so it seemed. By implying he was something of a rightie or was certainly no “seig heil” Democrat, he was theoretically on the outs with your devotional film industry wokesters….”Eeeeeeee!!! Sean’s on the side of a gun-toting, demonstrator-killing, Proud Boy-fraternizing racist!!” The squealing could be heard all over town.