I’ve been grappling with misgivings…call them mildly conflicted feelings…ever since Carey Mulligan married Mumford & Sons lead singer Marcus Mumford in April 2012. Because somehow it didn’t seem right in a Hollywood-fairy-tale, all-things-being-equal sense that the slender and fetching Mulligan had married a guy with a beefy, moose-like appearance.

Lo and behold, during Mulligan’s opening monologue on Saturday Night Live this evening Mumford made a surprise appearance, standing up in the audience and greeting her and trying to wedge a song into the proceedings. And the guy was something like 30 or even 40 pounds thinner than he’s appeared in photos over the years. Hats off & champagne toast to Mumford for doing the hard grueling work. All is well and good. HE stamp of approval.

Bear-like Mumford, slim Mulligan a few years ago.