In a 4.9 Indiewire “Screen Talk” piece called “Academy Members Are Tuned Out: This Year’s Oscar Voters Have Some Work to Do,” co-authors Eric Kohn and Anne Thompson write the following:

“The Oscars are just a few weeks away, but many voters still have a lot of work to do. While awards season usually finds Academy members getting deeply familiar with every category, from Best Picture through the crafts and short film sections, the lack of traditional screenings has yielded a more diffuse process.

“And when catching up on the nominees is easiest if you have a good at-home streaming setup, some voters” — i.e., 2021 versions of Ma and Pa Kettle with their 1986 Sony Trinitron on a living-room table along with a VHS player — “have been slow to adapt.

“In this week’s episode of Screen Talk, Eric Kohn and Anne Thompson discuss the strange nature of an awards season hampered by a lack of awareness.”

“Awareness”? That’s bullshit, guys. The ’20 and early ’21 award season is hampered by a lack of interest. As in relatively few people give a shit. As in “go woke and go broke.” As in “all this cerebral, socially attuned woke shit makes me want to take a nap.” As in “why is Hollywood doing this to us?”